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Facebook trolls

Trolling on Facebook has gone to a new extreme now. In the news there has been something about a British woman, Nicola Brookes, who has been constantly trolled for 6 months after she posted a comment a comment supporting an unpopular X-Factor contestant, Frankie Cocozza. The trolls started off tormenting her on her own account, posting hate comments because of her status which said “Keep your chin up, Frankie, they’ll move onto someone else soon”. Then the trolls moved on and made a fake account in her name and started posting child porn in her name. Nicola screen-shotted all the evidence and took it to the police, but they said they had no way to find out who the trolls really were. After not being able to get help from the police Nicola decided to sue Facebook to release the IP addresses of the trolls. Facebook was contacted and shared this statement:

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the people that use our service. Unlike other websites and forums Facebook has a real-name culture, which provides greater accountability and a safer and more trusted environment. We are clear that there is no place for bullying or harassment on Facebook and we respond aggressively to reports of potential abuse

Another example of trolling going way too far is Sean Duffy, a man who was jailed after posting horrible things on Facebook tribute pages. He posted on one girl, Natasha MacBryde’s, Facebook tribute page after she was hit by a train and killed, he posted comments like “I fell asleep on the tracks lolz”  and five days after her death he also posted a YouTube video called “Tasha the Tank Engine” with a picture of her face on the front of a train. He pleaded guilty to malicious communications and got 52 weeks in jail – the maximum time for that offence.

There are too many cases of internet trolls who have took things way too far, this video shows how far trolls will go:

Trolling is supposed to be funny, but these people are taking things way too far. People shouldn’t say things to people that they wouldn’t say to their faces. The fact that this

Example of proper trolls 🙂


In my opinion the internet isn’t killing newspapers, but newspapers need to take make more use of the internet. Things are changing and newspapers need to take advantage of all the opportunities there are to be able to expand and grow. The form that the news is in doesn’t matter; it’s whether or not the journalism is reliable. Buying a hard copy newspaper isn’t convenient, people would rather to be able to Google the latest news or download it rather than going and buying a huge piece of paper. 

San Francisco could be the first major American city not to have a local newspaper because hardly anyone buys it. The mayor, Gavin Newsom, says if the newspaper were to go down “People under 30 won’t even notice”. That isn’t the only newspaper that is not doing well, more newspapers are starting to go under due to the internet. 

Younger audiences don’t go and buy newspapers when they can look on the internet for free and read things that they care about. Newspapers should also take advantage of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to try get a much broader audience. Most young people aren’t interested in reading newspapers these days when there is so many easier ways to find the same information. 

Newspapers should either prepare for the future of more technology or get ready to go under due to extremely low sales. Digital media is moving fast and the newspapers need to catch up quickly. The future for journalism and newspapers is going to be the internet and other forms of digital media. Times are changing and newspapers need to stop living in the past and make more use out of the internet before they’re all out of business.



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